Bob Arum Latest US Promoter To Attack DAZN – Brings Eddie Hearn’s English Nationality Into It

Ah, good old boxing. The most ruthless game and business of them all. There really is no friends in boxing.

As Mickey Duff, a famous English promoter used to say:

“If you want loyalty in boxing – buy a dog.”

Not long ago Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum were side by side in the US promoting a boxing event as part of Arum’s new ESPN deal for the sport.

All was cordial. All was friendly.

Enter DAZN.

The streaming giant that has largely dominated the Japanese and German sports media and rights markets in a few quick years since entering those markets.

Now, backed by promoter Eddie Hearn, they are doing battle directly with ESPN in the US and in tandem, Hearn now finds himself in battle with Arum.

It appears there is a power struggle in boxing between Hearn, Arum and Al Haymon.

Speaking at an event to Villainfy Media, Arum took shots at DAZN and Hearn and questioned why DAZN would use an Englishman like Hearn to come to the US sports world:

“The one thing I really question is why DAZN if they were trying to get into the US market choose an Englishman to be their promoter when there is so many great American promoters? We (Top Rank) were taken, Al (Haymon) was taken – but there’s DiBella and other people could have filled that role. I don’t think Eddie Hearn understands the American market at all. He maybe okay in England but he really has no experience in the US market and I think what he’s done up to now – shows.”

He added:

“If Anthony Joshua is his biggest weapon (here in the US), Joshua fights in the UK almost exclusively and that means his fights come over in the afternoon. Not very good, particularly in the football season, particularly college football. Showtime didn’t do particularly well with Joshua fights in the afternoon from England and I can’t see Eddie doing anything with those fights in the United States.”

Shots fired, as they say.