Bob Arum Turns Down A Surprise Gift From Golden Boy Promotions – Priceless Reaction

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum was involved in a public gift offering that got the room cracking up this week with a thoughtfully evil gesture from one of his rival boxing promoters.

The Cold War in boxing between Arum’s Top Rank and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions is well and truly over at this stage.

They had no choice in the end.

Competition dictated that they had to make fights with one another due to fan demand and rival promoters.

At one time current promoter of Ringstar, Richard Schaefer, worked with Bob Arum.

However the two have done little business together in recent years since Schaefer left his post of CEO of Golden Boy Promotions and went out on his own with Ringstar.

A promotional company which is also co-owned by former heavyweight champion David Haye.

It’s clear there is no love lost behind the scenes to this day between the two however in a dark sense of humor kind of way.

This gesture from Golden Boy’s Eric Gomez to Arum turned out to be a surprise picture of his old friend – Arum’s reaction is priceless:

(Hat tip Fight Hub YouTube)