Mikey Garcia Talking To Pacquiao Team: “Everybody Is Pretty Interested”

Mikey Garcia and his team are having some serious conversations with Manny Pacquiao’s team to stage what would be a superb fight if it happens this year.

Garcia is rated pound for pound in most people’s top ten these days and has a number of options on the table.

The Errol Spence fight despite reports is also still on the table for Garcia.

Both fights would most likely see Garcia have to jump up two weight classes all at once, which is no mean feat for anyone.

Speaking to EsNews, Garcia had an update:

“We started a conversation (with Pacquiao’s team), so that’s what I mean. We started a conversation, we got in touch with some of his people and we’re going to see what we can put together. Maybe we can put something together but we’re still waiting and talking to people for the Errol Spence fight too so we got some options.”

He later mentioned:

“It doesn’t matter. I while fight (Pacquiao) anywhere. We’ll figure everything out if he (Manny) gets back. Everybody is pretty interested (both teams) right now so we’re just going to see what we can bring together.”

Very, very positive by the sounds of things.

The fact Garcia is willing to fight Pacquiao anywhere will also make the fight easier to be made as by all accounts Pacquiao will fight in Asia again next up in December.

Although, that is still to be confirmed as Pacquiao is now talking to US promoters and platforms too.