Donnie Nietes On How He Got Snake Nickname In The Philippines

Donnie Nietes might be fearless in the ring but it turns out the top rated world level fighter is just as fearless outside of it.

Nietes fights on next weekend’s ‘Super Fly 3’ card in California after the popular series from promoter Tom Loeffler was demanded back after its successful first two installments.

The events showcase some of the leading smaller weight class talent in world boxing and Filipino Nietes will challenge for the WBO super-flyweight world title against Aston Palicte on the card.

Former flyweight world champion Nietes is moving up in weight for the fight.

Speaking to Fight Hub ahead of the bout, the popular Filipino boxer touched on where he gets the nickname ‘Ahas’ (snake in English) from.

Working in a snake pit handling snakes back home in The Philippines, he said:

“During my time I have worked in the gym in utilities as a janitor. The managers’ have snakes. That’s why I take snakes. Python snakes, Filipino pythons. Then after that when I go boxing as a professional I bring the snake up in the ring – then they call me snake man. Before I have been bit seven or eight times but not poisonous. (Snakes) That’s my hobby.”

Being bitten eight times by snakes and still keeping them as your hobby certainly takes some bottle, Donnie.

Next week’s card will be shown live on HBO.

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