Golovkin Laughs Off Canelo Trainer’s Comments About His Age

Golovkin Laughs Off Canelo Trainer's Comments About His Age

Some people including Canelo’s team feel that their man is getting Gennady Golovkin at the right time a year on after the first fight. In terms of Canelo being the younger man and Golovkin the older lion – but ‘GGG’ doesn’t believe this for a second.

It’s hard to say Golovkin is in decline as he really showed no definitive signs of it against Canelo.

If anything, in recent years, he’s adopted a more steam-roller all guns blazing type approach and his opted to rely on his power even though he does possess excellent boxing skills when he chooses to utilize them.

Recently Canelo Alvarez’s coach spoke of his belief that Golovkin’s career is in decline. Speaking to BT Sport, Golovkin smiled as he replied:

“No I feel great. I know this is a surprise for him and his team. His team talk too much before the first fight, and now the second fight. Really I am a real guy. I know my body. I know my style. I am ready for fight. This is biggest fight. I am ready for biggest fight.”

Both guys appear to be in even better condition second time round and if the fight does go the distance again, it could make for some gruesome viewing such is the mindset of both fighters at the moment.