What Is Going On With Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury?

A lot of conflicting reports online from different sides are claiming on one hand the fight is definitely on and on the other, it’s unlikely for 2018.

The conflict appears to be coming from rival promotional organizations at its route.

Fury himself clarified that the fight is on a week ago, after a chat comment from ESPN reporter Dan Rafael mentioned he was told by Fury’s management team that he was having second thoughts about the fight.

Since then promoter Eddie Hearn he is skeptical about the fight happening this side of Christmas.

We are now almost at the 1st of September and things are being left cut very tightly indeed, in terms of giving the fight the necessary promotional time period it deserves if it is to happen this year.

In theory, if the fight were to happen in early December say, both fighters would realistically need 8-10 weeks training time at a minimum.

Add in another week or two into that for any press conferences or international travel acclimatization needed for Fury is the fight takes place in Las Vegas.

That means that a date and venue really needs to be confirmed soon.

I’d imagine everything is almost there and signed to be fair.

It’s just Tyson Fury is on holidays at the moment with family after his recent Francesco Pianeta.

When he arrives back home early next week expect the fight to be formally announced with date and venue and TV channels.