Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum – Sticking With What You Know

There’s a lot to be said in life and in business sometimes for sticking with what or in some cases, who you know. While the race is on to secure Manny Pacquiao’s services by promoters around the world if this writer were a betting man, I’d bet he’ll go with what he knows in the end.

That ‘what’ and ‘who’ he knows is Top Rank and Bob Arum.

Pacquiao was with the promotional outfit since he first started boxing in the US in his professional career and now with Top Rank seemingly doing well financially again, as evidenced by yesterday’s considerable purse bid win over Eddie Hearn, Pacquiao might receive a substantial offer for them.

Here’s what the purse bid in question was – for the WBO Hooker v Saucedo title fight was:

  • Bob Arum/Top Rank/ESPN: $1.625m
  • Eddie Hearn/Matchroom/DAZN: $1.555m

Rewind twelve months ago and Top Rank probably would not have been in a position to put in such a bid – for that type of fight that is.

But now, twelve months later, with an extension to their new ESPN+ deal, they clearly have a lot of money coming in again.

Pacquiao has said he doesn’t want to fight in the US next but that would also make it unlikely for both Eddie Hearn and the other promoter linked with wanting him, Floyd Mayweather, to put in a big bid.

That said, maybe Pacquiao will reconsider not wanting to fight in the US next on December 1st / 2nd all together.

That’s where the biggest fights will be for him.

At the end of the day, Pacquiao knows Arum and Top Rank better than anyone.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he resigns.

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