Eddie Hearn Reveals Feedback From Pacquiao Meeting

Promoter Eddie Hearn and streaming platform DAZN have firmly placed themselves back in the race to sign boxing superstar Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao.

Recently Pacquiao’s former promoter in the US Bob Arum of Top Rank traveled to meet Pacquiao in The Philippines but no deal was reached.

Now however Eddie Hearn and DAZN look to be back in the frame for Pacquiao ahead of DAZN’s launch as a platform in the US next month.

Speaking to Tha Boxing Voice, Eddie Hearn said of his meeting with Pacquiao this week:

“It was alright. I mean, I think they are going to be talking to everybody, as I would if I was Manny Pacquiao. DAZN would be very interested in having Manny on the platform. Manny is very interested as well. But again, I’m guessing he’ll talk to everyone, see what the best deal is for Manny Pacquiao and make a decision.”

He added:

“The talks are serious but I have no idea which way it’s going to go.”

He continued to mention later:

“I think DAZN is a good option for Manny Pacquiao right now. In terms of rights fees, they can pay more than anyone else.”

If this deal does come off one big fight straight away that could be made for Pacquiao would be the Amir Khan showdown.

Probably the biggest fight out there that could be made for Pacquiao next up.