Don’t Be Surprised If Pacquiao Re-Signs With Bob Arum

Don't Be Surprised If Pacquiao Re-Signs With Bob Arum

After a clarification statement from Manny Pacquiao during the week surrounding a miscommunication don’t be surprised if he winds up back right where he started in America.

Pacquiao began his journey in US boxing with Bob Arum’s Top Rank and the two enjoyed a very successful working relationship with one another for many years.

That’s why it was so surprising when at the start of the week Pacquiao threatened legal action for alleged non-payment of US TV rights for his last fight against Lucas Matthysse.

A bout that took place in Malaysia and was promoted by Pacquiao’s own M.P. Promotions, but was distributed in the US on ESPN in a deal brokered by Arum’s Top Rank.

Pacquiao quickly retracted the statement on social media however, deleted it and issued an apology, essentially, and thanked Arum for all the work he has done with him over the years.

In recent weeks behind the scenes, although not reported, one or two people have mentioned that Pacquiao could indeed resign with Arum.

Despite Pacquiao not wishing to box in the US for the rest of his career, distributing his fights on ESPN who work exclusively with Arum’s Top Rank in US boxing, could still offer a lot of value to Pacquiao.

Now that everything has settled down on social media this week don’t be surprised if you hear about Manny Pacquiao signing a deal with Arum again soon.

The other front-runner for Pacquiao’s services is promoter Eddie Hearn and streaming giant DAZN.

The race to sign Manny Pacquiao is well and truly on.