Here’s our Pacquiao vs Matthysse full fight report from tonight in a hugely entertaining world title fight in Malaysia.

Boxing without Freddie Roach for the first time in well over a decade, Pacquiao showed he has plenty left at the top level of world boxing.

The first round got off to an electric start. No feeling out process at all.

Pacquiao went on the attack right from the off and controlled much of the first round on the front foot. He had to eat some right hands from Matthysse on the way in but an exciting round from Pacquiao overall.

Matthysse tried to find the center of the ring in round two but Pacquiao’s footwork and speed was a cut above, throwing Matthysse’s balance off at times.

Pacquiao looked like a man reinvented in round three as he landed a beautiful left uppercut to drop and hurt Matthysse in round three.

Matthysse survived the round but a huge round for ‘Pacman’ overall.

Matthysse landed a big right hand in the fourth but other than that it was all Pacquiao again, landing some nice straight left hands to the body and head.

Leaving his Argentinian foe looking lost at times.

Matthysse looked like he was having the best round for him of the fight in round five until he was put down again at the end of the round with a counter right hook.

Forcing him to take a knee.

Lucas had a better round in the sixth but overall, did he do enough to win the round?

I still thought Pacquiao landed more punches and had the better work rate. Another Pacquiao round on my scorecard.

The Pacquiao uppercut was on display once again in the seventh.

His ability to use it from different angles was a joy to watch at times.

Pacquiao dropped Matthysse for the third time in round seven and recorded his first knockout since Miguel Cotto.

An amazing display and win by the Filipino boxing icon.

The 60th win of his professional career and 39th pro knockout.

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