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Tyson Fury trainer impersonates some of his heavyweight rivals’ fight styles with remarkably uncanny resemblance.

New head trainer Ben Davison will be officially in Fury’s corner for the first time on June 9th when he fights for the first time in almost two and a half years.

The two have been training with one another for some time now however.

Dating all the way back to last year when Fury first started to lose weight and try to get his boxing license back.

Davison won’t be known to many boxing fans but he has worked with WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders in the past.

One thing is for sure, he has certainly gotten Fury in excellent shape this past six months or so and he knows fight styles incredibly well judging by this video:

(Hat tip Frank Warren Twitter)

All the different styles taken off pretty well there to be fair.

Whyte with the head down and wild swings, Bellew with the wide stance and extended jab behind the straight right hand, Haye with the relaxed hands down by his side counter punching, Joshua with the conventional and well polished style.

Davison was pretty much spot on there.

Time will tell how this translates into the ring on June 9th for his fighter Fury but all signs are positive at the moment that Fury is looking very sharp indeed.

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