Tyson Fury To Bellew: I’ll Punch Your Face In For You Pr***

Tyson Fury Reveals Secret Meeting With Tony Bellew

Tyson Fury and Tony Bellew’s war of words continues to escalate after Fury hears Bellew’s latest comments directed at him following a response to an interview Fury did initially.

Fury is back in action on June 9th and takes on an opponent who has competed in the cruiserweight division mostly in his career.

Fury had been critical of former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew wanting to fight him as Fury believed he would ‘hurt him properly’ due to the size difference between the two boxers.

Bellew laughed this off in an interview and had some choice words for Fury to which the former heavyweight champion has now responded to on social media today:

“Just watched Tony Bellew’s interview with a little onslaught on BT. Tony you’re a b*****d. Trust me you can get it if you want mate. Manchester’s finest against Liverpool’s worst. I’ll punch your face in for you, pr***.”

Fury must first negotiate his comeback fight on June 9th at the Manchester Arena but provided he does, don’t be surprised if it’s Fury vs Bellew after that.

It would certainly sell if nothing else.