Dana White Fires Fresh Shots At Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum

Dana White Fires Fresh Shots At Oscar De La Hoya and Bob Arum

UFC president turned new boxing promoter Dana White is still sussing out the boxing landscape but has not been afraid to take a dig at two of the sport’s biggest promoters.

White has never gotten on with Top Rank’s Bob Arum but his animosity towards Oscar De La Hoya is a more recent occurrence since last year.

White has met with boxers such as Mikey Garcia this year who he plans to sign to his new boxing promotion when it is up and running.

Speaking in the post-fight press conference of a UFC event in the UK, White first said of Arum:

“There’s plenty of guys I’d like to work with in boxing, Bob Arum’s not one of them.”

He later spoke on a report linking former UFC fighter Chuck Liddell and Oscar De La Hoya together who are rumored to be starting an MMA promotion which could involve long time White friend Liddell fighting again.”

White was not impressed:

“Right. I said this before, I hope he’s coming out of retirement to be partners with De La Hoya and not to fight. I hope he doesn’t fight. I don’t know if De La Hoya is that smart. He isn’t the brightest bulb in the porch. Oscar De La Arum is not that bright.”

White as of this point has not officially signed any boxers yet to his new boxing promotion Zuffa Boxing.

He recently mentioned that he intends to work in the boxing side of things in the beginning to get it going and then to get someone else to run it while he operates the UFC predominately to free up his time.