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Joshua vs Wilder – Strengths and Weaknesses

This week a meeting takes place between the teams of heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder in a bid to get the fight over the line.

The back and forth trash talk in the media between some of the promoters involved has been well-played out at this stage.

From interviews, to Twitter jabs, it’s easy to forget that it’s the two fighters Joshua and Wilder who are most important parts of the equation.

Not the promoters.

But in the modern-day boxing landscape we now find ourselves in – everyone involved now seems to find themselves part of the professional boxing soap opera.

However, when it comes down to it and all is said and done, ultimately, Joshua and Wilder will be the two getting in the ring and throwing leather.

If we were to weigh up both fighter’s strengths and weaknesses, here’s what some people may have on their list:

Joshua’s main strengths

  • Power
  • Heart
  • Attitude (improving technically all the time fight to fight)

Wilder’s main strengths

  • Power
  • Heart
  • Unorthodox fight style

Joshua’s main weaknesses

  • Has been put down before
  • Sometimes takes rounds off and switches off

Wilder’s main weaknesses

  • Wild style while a strength can also be a weakness as it can leave him open for big counters
  • Shown that he can be hurt before

The above was just some of the things that came into my head on a flight this morning but as you can see, the two fighters do share some strengths and weaknesses.

I guess it comes down to fight styles really and who wants it more on the night.

One school of thought suggests that Joshua’s more conventional boxing style will expose Wilder.

Joshua certainly thinks so.

However Wilder showed he can find a way to win under any circumstances in his last fight with Cuban boxing maestro Luis Ortiz.

A man renowned for his technical sweet science acumen.

Either way you slice it or dice it, this one promises fireworks.

Whenever it happens.

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