Mayweather Names What Will Be The Next Biggest Fight In Boxing

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Floyd Mayweather names what in his view in the coming years will turn out to be the biggest pay per view fight in the sport of boxing.

We are now well and truly in the post-Mayweather boxing era with no chance of the former pound for pound number one coming back to the sweet science at this stage.

At 40 years of age and other interests in life and business now, Mayweather has insisted that if he returns it will only be under MMA rules in the UFC octagon.

That said, he still has a strong affinity to the sport of boxing given the fact he owns and operates a growing promotional company Mayweather Promotions.

He’s also a keen fight fan of latest fighters and trends, as a consequence of the above – and told Fight Hype he believes the following is the next big fight down the line in boxing:

“Honestly speaking I think the biggest fight in boxing soon will be Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence. In the future. Not right now. But I’ll pay to see it.”

It’s certainly a hell of a fight and with Crawford now fighting at welterweight – one that could be made in the next couple of years too.

Crawford now has the added platform of ESPN too to build his profile which considering his ability, should be much bigger to be fair.

Same for Spence, mind you.

If both Crawford and Spence keep winning a collision is inevitable you’d have to think.