Tony Bellew Hopes Haye Doesn’t Become A Buddhist Before Rematch

Tony Bellew Hopes Haye

Today’s trash talk took a more philosophical feel than normal pressers in boxing often do with at one point Bellew even bringing religion into the debate.

Haye seems to be all positive vibes a the moment ahead of their rematch but Bellew was keen to bring him back down to reality when he could today.

Speaking to Haye at one point he said:

“I just hope you don’t become a Buddhist before the fight. Because the way you are going on Jesus Christ, I’m waiting for you to crack out some holy prayers or something like that. It’s just a fight David. It’s just a fight mate. It’s just a fight.”

To whcih Haye said:

“It’s not just a fight. If it was just a fight it should have went a certain way last time and it didn’t. It goes way deeper than that. It’s about a mentality. It’s about athletic performance. It’s about putting your life on the line. It’s what I’ve been doing for many many years. I’m enjoying my life more now than I have in the past and I want to keep this going.

Time will tell whose approach pays off.