Tony Bellew: Eddie Hearn Is The Brains I’m Just The Monkey

tony bellew eddie hearn

Tony Bellew made a stunning admission with a drop of humour today as he gets ready for his rematch with David Haye on May 5th.

Bellew and his promoter Eddie Hearn are known to be good friends behind the scenes outside of the working relationship as fighter and promoter.

Indeed, it’s an approach that Hearn has taken with many of his fighters over the years.

In terms of making friends with them.

It seems to have worked for him. Many of his boxers appear to be loyal until the end with him.

Other than the relationships that didn’t work out of course.

The likes of Carl Frampton and Ohara Davies would likely have very different things to say about him than what Bellew does.

Bellew said of Hearn today at the press conference for the Haye rematch:

“Just get home safe (is my goal). The same job as the last time. The game plan is the same as the last time. Just to get home safe. Re-evaluate. Wait for Eddie’ call and I’m sure he’ll have another crazy idea. He’s the brains. I’m just the monkey that has a good go.”

Well, it doesn’t get much more honest than that.

Bellew comes across as a man who has seen most things in the boxing business at this stage.

There’s little that surprises him anymore.