Bellew Says Time Machine Show Is Coming Out Again With Haye

Tony Bellew has been picking on things Haye said from the past in the build-up to their rematch on May 5th.

Haye was famously quoted in the past as saying he was ‘David Haye 2.0’ when referring to how he had re-built himself from injury in the past.

This is something that Bellew didn’t let him forget about today at their press conference in London.

Haye said this time around that he won’t be using anger in the rematch:

“It didnt;t work last time. All that anger. All that hostility. I don’t need to do that anymore. How I feel about him is irrelevant.”

He then want on to say the fight can go one of two ways.

The same as last time or his new trainer Ismael Salas will have been able to go back in time and bring out the old Haye again.

To which Bellew quickly replied:

“Time machine show coming out again?”

To which Haye said:

“Exactly! Or not. One of the two. I thought that was going to happen the last time and I was wrong.”

Both guys are debateable past their prime at this stage but should still have more than enough left to make this an entertaining scrap for as long as it goes.

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