Liverpool’s Tony Bellew is keeping things simple in the rematch with Haye like he did in the first fight. His primary motivation has not changed he said today.

Tony Bellew like Haye is a family man but perhaps more frequently cites his family in public as his main motivation for being a boxer.

He also has said numerous times in the past that he just loves punching people in the face.

Speaking on his goal ahead of May 5th Bellew said:

“I don’t need to motivate myself David. All I need to do is to get home safely. I just have to turn up 100% and get home safely. I have the same goal before the first fight. It may be a different goal for you but it’s the exact same goal for me.”

He went on to say:

“Were not laying snooker mate. We’re punching each other in the face. We’re not playing snooker mate.”

They are certainly not playing snooker. That’s for sure.

It’s hard to know what Haye’s goal in the fight is, really.

He has suggested earlier this year that it could be his last fight. If this is the case his goal could very well be an internal one to prove something to himself.

No one else.

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