Bellew’s Priceless Reaction To Haye Telling Him He Loves Him

Haye vs Bellew Rematch Card

Some pre-fight banter went on today in London ahead of Tony Bellew and David Haye’s rematch this coming May 5th at the O2 Arena in London.

These two guys could talk their way out of a paper bag.

When it comes to modern-day boxing trash talk and just general ability to bang out interesting stuff at press conferences, Haye and Bellew probably are up there with the best.

That’s the way boxing is these days. Entertainment mixed in with sport.

In reply to David Haye telling him that he loves him, Bellew had this response:

“I’ve always said you’re beautiful. I mean, I’ve told you that for many years. You’re fantastic but I’m still going to punch you. Real, real hard and a lot of times. I have never changed my opinion of you once. You’re a brilliant fighter.”

Surely one for the books.

Boxing never ceases to amaze you when it comes to nutty stuff that boxers are willing to say to sell a fight.

This won’t take much selling in the UK though.

Given the popularity of both boxers.