Bellew Reacts To Naseem Hamed Comments About Eubank Perfectly

Naseem Hamed called for Eubank Jr to retire this past weekend following his loss to George Groves but Tony Bellew has had the perfect take on the controversial comments.

Eubank Jr is still a young man with plenty of learning to do.

To retire at this stage would be down right silly.

It has been well documented that he doesn’t particularly take instructions well or listen to his coaches, granted.

But Tony Bellew was spot on with his point on the controversial comments from Hamed today:

The comments come following a run in between Haye and Naseem Hamed back stage after the fight afterwards where the two appeared to be good friends behind the scenes.

Eubank Jr has been back in the gym already following defeat to Groves and no doubt will be using these type of comments as fuel for his comeback.

It will be interesting to see what he does next in terms of his training arrangements – and if he decides to keep his father involved in his boxing career.

You’d have to think that he still has plenty of time to learn and change his training ways.

He’s not that far gone or late in his career just yet.