David Haye: I Love You Tony Bellew! I Love The Beard!

David Haye I Love You Tony Bellew

David Haye and Tony Bellew shared some comical words at the press conference for their rematch today ahead of their showdown on May 5th.

The two men spoke as openly and as honestly as perhaps two boxers have in a while.

There was zero mincing of words from either man. All be it the more venomous words were coming from Bellew.

However he did pay credit to Haye at one point in the presser – saying:

“You’re an amazing athlete, you’re always going to be that. That’s never going to change. You’re mindset is never going to change. You have not been humbled.”

To which Haye joked:

“I love you Tony Bellew! I love you! I do. I love the beard. I’ve got posters on the wall. I’ve got a crush on you really!”

To which he laughed and replied:

“Thanks. I’ve had it since I was a kid.”

One of the more light moments at a boxing press conference in recent times.

There will be no love lost on May 5th though.

Expect both men to attempt to punch holes in one another’s faces.