David Haye Refuses To Take The Bait From Tony Bellew

David Haye seemed like a totally different fighter at today’s press conference with Tony Bellew ahead of their rematch on May 5th.

Haye in the past was known for his outlandish abuse and antics he gave his opponents in his press conferences in years gone by.

One example was the infamous t-shirt before the Klitschko fight that got under the Ukraine fighter’s skin.

Haye proudly wore it with a picture of him and his brother having severed heads in front of the world’s media.

Today’s David Haye was rather different. All smiles. No hate at all.

He told Bellew:

“You’re not going to do it this time Tony. I’m not taking the bait son. I’m not taking it. I took it last time. I allowed you to do it last time. I can’t be bothered. Genuinely. I’m going to go to the gym after here and train. I’m going to be in great shape and that’s it. I allowed you to get into my psyche.”

No doubt Bellew will continue with trying to get into Haye’s head again.

I would not be surprised if Haye is employing a sports psychologist ahead of the rematch.

It seems like a big part of the fight for him.

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