Tony Bellew Suggests David Haye Is Cheap, Jabs Channel Dave

Tony Bellew Suggests David Haye

The pair had an interesting press conference today in London ahead of what should be an entertaining rematch on May 5th.

Both guys looked in good form today mentally.

Physically, Haye looked the much slimmer of the two with Bellew most likely only starting into his training camp for the fight very recently.

Haye however has been busy in rehab on his injured left bicep and you could tell he’s been making an effort to come in lighter for the rematch.

At one point in the press conference Bellew brought up Haye wanting one of his fighters to appear on the show on May 5th.

Because in his view, Haye was too cheap to pay to have him on his own promotional show:

“The last time you were on the comedy channel saying apples and pears. Now you’re coming onto this bill demanding fights that you should be making fights on your channel. You want to make ‘Delboy’ and Joe Joyce over there? Why don’t you make it on your own channel? Why do you want to make it on our bill? (Sky). Because we have to pay for it?”

To which Haye replied:

“Dereck Chisora doesn’t want to do it on that one.”

To which Bellew said:

“It’s not about Dereck Chisora. It’s about you wanting to get you’re fighter out there because they get seen by about 25 people every time they turn on Dave.”

Bellew was making reference to Haye’s own promotional deal with UK TV station Channel Dave, where Haye features his boxers usually on.

The fight on May 5th will take place on Sky Sports Box Office.