Watch: Ring Girls Talk About Their Job

Ring Girls

Ring girls in boxing have been at the centre of a controversial story in recent times following extreme feminists lobbying for their jobs to be made redundant.

Sports such as Formula One and Darts have recently made the decision to remove some of their walk on girls at their events following pressure from feminist groups to do so.

Ring girls in boxing have now come under similar scrutiny.

However leading promoters in the UK such as Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren have come out swinging in their defence and said they will continue to use them at their events.

Here on a recent UK television segment one ring girl alongside other walk on girls and promoter Frank Warren they discussed the issue:

Notable boxers such as Tony Bellew have also come to the defence of ring girls being able to continue in their jobs.

He’s dead right too.

Why should they lose their jobs?

They are not doing anything illegal and are being paid well to do a job they enjoy.

The issue does not seem to be going away but the sport of boxing appears to be standing firm on it so far.