Lucas Browne: Dillian Whyte You’re A D******d And You’re In Trouble

Lucas Browne Dillian Whyte

Lucas Browne is in now in the thick of his training camp and is upping the verbal jabs ahead of his showdown with arch nemesis Dillian Whyte next up.

Australian Browne and Englishman Whyte will face one another on March 24th at the O2 Arena in London in an interesting heavyweight bout.

They have been smacking one another with verbal abuse pretty much for over six months now, well before the fight was ever announced.

As a fight itself though, it’s not a bad one to be fair.

Two heavyweights that come forward and throw bombs, largely.

If you were to pick one of the two who is the more boxer-type you’d have to lean with Whyte but in this sort of bad blood bout, don’t expect him to be using too many jabs.

Both guys want to take one another out cleanly.

Speaking this morning on social media, Browne told Whyte from an airport:

“Confidence is at an ultimate high and only going to get better with fitness and everything else.”

He added:

“Dillian Whyte you are in trouble my friend. You’re a d******d anyway but I’ll tell ya, you are in trouble hard my friend.”

Not long to go now before both men will have a chance to put the talk aside and fight for real.