Naseem Hamed and Tony Bellew Run In To Each Other Backstage At Groves v Eubank

Bellew Sums Up Naseem Hamed

Naseem Hamed and Tony Bellew had a chance encounter following this weekend’s fight in Manchester headlined by George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr.

In an unlikely meeting of boxers past and present the two were back stage after the fight when they saw one another.

Judging by this clip (that is getting a lot of reaction) the two know one another rather well:

Two good friends by the looks of things.

Naseem made a rare appearance in boxing circles this past weekend as he was commentating on the fight for ITV Box Office.

Following the bout, Naseem made headlines for his opinion on what Eubank Jr and his father did over the last few years that he deemed over the top.

He was incensed by the pair thinking Eubank Jr was better than what he was and in particular, his father telling the public his son was a world beater.

In the opinion of Hamed.

Here he is laying into Eubank Jr in his post-fight analysis on television:

He really pulled no punches with his post-fight analysis to be fair.

In recent years Naseem has been seen doing the odd punditry gig here and there since retiring from the sport.

But largely is no longer involved in boxing anymore.