What Eubank Told His Son Straight After Groves Beat Him

Eubank Told His Son

A moment in the dressing room after this past weekend’s boxing action in Manchester revealed some brutal honesty from Eubank senior to Eubank junior.

In his immediate post-fight interview in the ring junior maintained that he thought he did enough to just get the decision.

Surely if he watched the fight back today he will have changed his mind.

After the fight in the changing room when taking off his gloves, his father when asked if he thought he beat Groves initially said:

“You’ll need to watch it back anyway. Lets drop that subject and just think about…”

To which Junior interjected:

“Be real. If you guys think that he won then say it.”

To which his father responded:

“I mean, look. The decision was the right decision. You’ve got to see it. You’ve got to see it.”

Fair play to senior for being honest.

Now the question will be will junior junior keep senior on in his boxing career or look to go his own way?

There’s been many successful father-son duos over the years.

However even the ones that worked took a break at one point or another.

Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather senior perhaps been the best example of this.

Where Mayweather started out with his father as an amateur but it wasn’t until the end of his career that he put his father back in his corner.