Groves v Eubank Post Fight Documentary Has Dropped – And It’s Glorious

Groves v Eubank Post Fight

The Groves v Eubank post fight documentary is now online for viewers to watch below and it gives a superb insight into everything that led up to this past weekend’s fight.

It was a fight that in the end that did not go the way of Chris Eubank Jr.

But one no doubt he’ll learn a lot from. They say defeat teaches us much more than victory, after all.

In the lead up to this weekend’s world title fight in Manchester a lot of talk went into the fight by both men, but mainly from Eubank Jr and his father Eubank senior to be fair.

Groves and his trainer Shane McGuigan proved to be far more tactically adept than the Eubanks thought they were.

Eubank Jr even admitted afterwards that he perhaps could have underestimated Groves.

In the run up to the fight here’s everything that led up to it – and what happened afterwards:

The uppercut that Eubank Jr practiced with the Manchester United team above never had a chance of landing in truth.

George Groves kept him on the outside for large periods of the fight and never allowed Eubank to get on the inside to throw the shot.

Cutting the ring off could be an area of Eubank’s fight game that might be worth working on for his next bout.

Given the aggressive come-forward style he has.