Eubank Senior Sums Up His Son’s Loss To Groves Philosophically

Eubank Senior Sums Up

The dust has now settled on this weekend’s world title fight in Manchester where George Groves overcame Chris Eubank Jr at the Manchester Arena.

The fight ended in dramatic fashion in the final round when Groves dislocated his shoulder and still fought on with one arm, somehow managing to land right hands on Eubank who also landed very heavy shots on the one-armed Groves.

An excellent bout overall that left fans watching at home and in attendance equally satiated.

A lot of the critics since the defeat have pointed the finger at Eubank Jr’s father for taking too much control in his son’s boxing career.

Since the defeat at the weekend, Eubank senior has sent the following summation to what he thought of the fight:

Moving forward it will be interesting to see who Eubank Jr surrounds himself with in terms of his training team, and if he keeps his father involved in his career.