Malignaggi Sums Up Groves v Eubank Match With Spot On Analysis

Paulie Malignaggi was commentating this past weekend for Showtime in Las Vegas but like all boxing fans was keeping his eye out on events in the UK.

The George Groves vs Chris Eubank match marked the first relatively big fight of the year in boxing and overall, it lived up to most people’s expectations.

Groves stuck to a shrewd game plan and never deviated from it. It was enough to get him a well deserved unanimous points decision in the end.

Former world champion turned boxing analyst Paulie Malignaggi had this to say of the fight afterwards:

Balls of steel certainly.

But following this defeat surely junior will realise that he can’t do everything himself and needs to listen to his coaches a bit more.

He even wrapped his own hands in the changing room before the fight.

Many within the sport have also noted how he essentially trains himself for his bouts and takes little feedback from trainer Ronnie Davis.

If this is the case, expect some big changes from Eubank Jr next up.

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