Tony Bellew Criticises Eubank Senior After His Son’s Loss To Groves

Many are pointing the finger at legendary boxer and former world champion Chris Eubank senior following his son’s loss this weekend to George Groves in Manchester.

It is not entirely clear what senior’s role is in his career but between being his manager, adviser and part-time trainer, he does a bit of everything in his son’s career.

Obviously it is a natural instinct for a parent wanting the best for their child but many believe the interference from his father has hindered his career in recent years.

Speaking after the fight Tony Bellew told Kugan Cassius of IFL that:

“He (Eubank Jr) needs a boxing coach. He needs educating on the sport of boxing.”

He went on to later say:

“Ronnie Davis is a brilliant coach but he should have more input. His father has been useless for him tonight. I’m sorry to say – but what has he done?”

He added:

“He’s done his son a disservice tonight because all you have done has been a distraction. He needs a boxing coach.”

It will be interesting to see if Eubank Jr himself decides to make changes to his team after last weekend’s loss.

Or indeed if he chooses to go back down to middleweight.

For the full interview on IFL YouTube check it out here: