Kell Brook Blasts Chris Eubank Jr Following Groves Loss

Kell Brook Blasts Chris Eubank

The boxing world is up in arms in some parts following this weekend’s big title fight with even leading boxers taking an opportunity to have a go at the Eubanks.

Both junior and senior.

It seems a little harsh to be putting the boot in so soon after what no doubt is a painful loss for Eubank Jr, and his father.

But perhaps people were just sick of all the talk in the end.

Former welterweight world champion Kell Brook said the following after the bout – which has gained a lot of support on Twitter:

Indeed, there has been a number of leading fighters who have questioned the credibility of the world title that Chris Eubank Jr held before the fight, Brook above being the latest.

Winning a world title certainly is no easy feat but that’s not to say Chris Eubank Jr might not do so one day.

Following the fight Eubank Jr was back in the gym the very next day.