Nigel Benn Lays Out Candid Advice For Eubank Jr After Groves Loss

Nigel Benn was a keen spectator this past weekend of the world title fight between George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr.

The super-middleweight division was once Benn’s old stomping ground but a new era for the division is upon us now, with Groves now one of the men to beat at 168lbs.

Nigel Benn like many people believe that Eubank Jr should now break away from his father a little bit, in terms of his boxing career, and listen to his boxing trainer more.

In a hard-hitting video Benn told Eubank Jr if it was Golovkin or Canelo he was fighting at the weekend he would have been “smashed to pieces” – as well as giving George Groves his props:

It is important to realise that Eubank Jr is a natural middleweight and moved up to the super-middleweight division for this tournament.

There’s no reason he can’t go back to middleweight, make the relevant adjustments that he needs to and challenge for a world title again.

Talks of people calling for him to retire are way off the mark. Why would he?

He’s still a young fighter in the grand scheme of things with plenty of years left.

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