Watch: Tyson Fury Gives Fight Night Prediction For Groves v Eubank

The lineal heavyweight champion of the world is in the building tonight in Manchester to watch tonight’s George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr fight.

Fury has been seen ringside alongside his father ahead of tonight’s boxing main event at the Manchester Arena and has had a chance to give his prediction.

He’s back Eubank Jr on points:

Interesting in the sense that not many seem to be backing Eubank Jr on points.

Those favouring the man from Brighton seem to believe he can stop Groves. Whereas those favouring Groves think he’ll win on points.

So many questions exist in this fight.

In just over one hour and a half from the time of this article, we shall find out all the answers to them.

Both Groves and Eubank arrived at the venue with plenty of time to spare earlier on and are now in the beginning stages of getting warmed up for their bout.

The wrapping of the hands will come soon and if this writer was a betting man in terms of guessing who Eubank Jr will send to Groves’ dressing room to supervise this hand wrapping – you’d have to think he’ll send his father as one last bit of mind games.