Watch: Chris Eubank Jr and Groves Give Final Interviews Before Fight

Chris Eubank Jr and Groves

Fight night is here and there’s just under two hours to go until the main event between George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr.

Anticipation is high among fight fans at the moment ahead of what promises to be a toe to toe battle in the super-middleweight division tonight in Manchester.

Since the fight was initially announced back in November a lot of different opinions have floated around online on who will win the bout.

All the talk is (nearly) over but just a couple of hours before the fight Chris Eubank Jr gave his final fight to the tournament WBSS:

Fairly cool, calm and collected.

Like he’s been all week on the surface. He genuinely seems fully sure that he’ll end the fight inside the distance.

Groves has also given his final interview before tonight’s fight:

Likewise, Groves seems equally relaxed. Interesting that Eubank Jr admitted that Groves is the more knowledgable fighter of the two.

It’s not often you hear a fighter concede such disadvantages before a fight.

The bout should take place approximately at 10pm UK time tonight but as always, TV schedules are subject to change.