Linares Hounds Lomachenko For Fight – Deal Close

Boxing fans are very excited at the prospect of a fight between Jorge Linares and Vasyl Lomachenko – which in recent days looks more and more likely to happen.

It is thought that May 12th is the date being aimed at by the organisers for the two boxing technicians to do battle on.

The main final obstacle outside of money seems to be what network will carry the fight.

Linares has fought on HBO in the past with his current promoter Golden Boy but his promoter also have an alignment now too with ESPN, which Lomachenko exclusively boxes on.

This would suggest that ESPN is likely the front-runner to broadcast the contest.

For Linares’ part, he’s been getting onto Lomachenko directly on social media to get this thing over the line:

Sweet, sweet music to the ears of fight fans no doubt.

Both boxers seem to want it.

Now it’s just a case of getting it signed. What a fight it promises to be.