A rather cocky body builder had the idea to step into a boxing ring to spar a professional boxer and you can imagine, the result didn’t exactly go his way.

Having big muscles does not equal fighting ability. Obviously.

Couple this with stepping into the wheelhouse (a boxing ring) of a prizefighter in the belief that one can come out victorious and well, you reap what you sow as they say.

Pro boxer Allan Green a light-heavyweight from Oklahoma showed one body builder by the name of Rambo Gunz that there’s a lot more to boxing than just having big muscles:

As you can see, things did not turn out well.

Credit to the body builder for stepping in there in the first place.

But as you can see from the above, once his gas tank was emptied early on the three knockdowns from Green left him in a real mess.

Many will remember Green from some big fights in the past against the likes of Andre Ward, Glen Johnson and Denmark’s Mikkel Kessler.

All fights that he lost but only to elite level competition. Green currently holds a professional boxing record of 33-5-22KO.