Chris Eubank Jr Opens Up About The Only Time He Was Ever Knocked Out

There has been a lot of talk between both Eubank and Groves knocking one another out ahead of this weekend’s fight but one of the participants has now gone on record about the only time he was ever KO’d in his life.

Chris Eubank Jr has exhibited a solid chin in his professional boxing career to date.

Notably in the Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan fight the Irishman hit Eubank with some huge right hands early on in the beginning portion of the contest.

Eubank took the shots well. Ultimately he came back to stop the Irishman:

It turns out that the only time Eubank has ever been knocked out in his life didn’t come in a boxing ring.

Or any combat situation for that matter. It came in a game of rugby growing up in the UK.

Speaking to ESPN, Eubank Jr said:

“The only time I’ve ever been knocked out in my entire life was in a rugby game when I was about 13. The opposing winger has the ball in his hand and he’s running full speed at me.”

He added:

“I go down to tackle him and he jumps up and his knee hits my temple. That switched me off for about half a second, so I’ve gone out and hit the ground. I didn’t even feel myself hit the ground.”

This weekend’s fight against George Groves will be for the WBA super-middleweight world title.

It will also represent the semi-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

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