Groves Responds To Eubank Question On What Happened In Sparring

The two fighters spoke directly with one another at various points in their final press conference and had a number of questions for one another.

The main one Eubank had surrounded what happened in their sparring in the past.

When a reporter asked Groves if Eubank got the better of him in the spar Groves said:

“Well good luck to him. Because he didn’t. It’s irrelevant. Sparring is sparring and it was a long time ago.”

To which then Eubank interjected with:

“Was it 50-50 or 60-40 in the spar? What percentage would you give on those spars George?”

Groves replied to him saying:

“In terms of levels and skills I’m levels above you Chris. In terms of sparring, sparring is sparring. You’ve got a big head guard on. If you want to bum rush me and let your hands go – it doesn’t matter because its sparring. If you want to try that in a fight there will be a difference because I’m taking it that more seriously.

The fight is estimated to start at approximately 10pm local time this Saturday night in Manchester.

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