Eubank Tells Groves: You’d Love To Be Me, Copied My Suit

Chris Eubank Jr drew some laughs from journalists in Manchester when he brought up a rather odd point about George Groves’ dress sense.

Part of the Groves’ mental jabs in the build-up to Saturday’s world super-middleweight title fight surround how he thinks Eubank Jr is fake.

He’s used the term ‘Insta famous’ a number of times in reference to the many pad work videos that Eubank puts up on the platform.

Eubank took it upon himself to reply to that today:

“He keeps calling me a gimmick and Insta famous. You’re kind of obsessed with this whole trying to get across to the public that I’m not real. I think it’s plain to see that is ludicrous. If anything I think you would love to be me. You’d love to be in my position. You’d love to have the Instagram followers and the style. You’re even wearing the same suit that I wore the first time we faced off after your fight. I think you’re jealous George. You’re in big trouble my friend.”

Fame aside, reality is coming for both men in just three days time when the first bell rings.

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