George Groves may have had some verbal flack from both Eubanks in recent weeks but in true Groves fashion, he isn’t letting anyone play mind games with him.

Groves knows a thing or two about mind games himself.

After a career full of ups and downs, where he persevered to eventually become world champion on the fourth attempt at a world title – he’s been around the block at this point.

There’s not much either Eubank Jr or his father will be able to say to get underneath the skin of Groves and the Londoner thinks that some of their actions thus far are out of nerves.

Speaking in a media scrum during the public workouts, Groves who was perhaps trying to use the power of suggestion said:

“I bumped into senior earlier. He was a bag of nerves. Maybe that’s just me or maybe now. He’s got his sheriff badge. Maybe I’m supposed to be intimidated by that or not. They know the gravity of the task in front of them. This is the first time he’s in a real fight. A big fight. I’ve never been in that situation that he’s in. Fighting a bigger guy. A stronger guy. A more seasoned guy. I’ve been in some big fights but he’s going to hope fitness is enough. It’s about levels now. That’s a term that I never liked using but it is genuinely about levels.”

The fight will take place on Saturday night at the Manchester Arena as part of the World Boxing Super Series semi-final.

It will be shown on ITV Box Office in the UK and for US fans the event will be carried on the WBSS website and Facebook page.