Chris Eubank Jr is in bullish mood ahead of the biggest fight of his professional career on Saturday with London’s George Groves.

The two have been training like Trojans over the last few months – and it shows.

Yesterday’s public workouts showed Eubank Jr in tip-top shape, as he always is to be fair.

But perhaps the best fight shape of his career thus far.

His relentless pad work and combinations were on full display as he bids to win the WBA super-middleweight title on Saturday night.

Here, next to his famed father – Eubank Jr showed Groves what he plans to do to him and left him with an ominous message towards the end (hat tip IFL YouTube):

“That’s just a taste of what’s coming for George Groves.”

Groves will have his own ideas of what’s coming for Eubank of course.

The school of thought out there at the moment seems to be this is a battle of Groves’ boxing brain against Eubank’s relentlessness – but perhaps it’s not as cut and dry as that.

Eubank might have one or two tricks up himself too and don’t count out Groves being in freakish shape for this fight himself.

The first few rounds will tell a lot in terms of whoever can impose their game plan on the other guy first for my buck.

Momentum will be key in this fight one suspects.