Adrien Broner Reacts To Sexual Assault Allegation

The talented boxer was arrested this week for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at a mall in Atlanta. Now the fighter has had a chance to give his side of what happened.

Footage emerged earlier this week of Broner getting taken away in handcuffs in a shopping mall in Atlanta where it was reported afterwards that Broner was arrested for allegedly groping a woman in the mall.

However Broner strongly denies this allegation.

Speaking to Channel 2 Action News Broner said:

“I didn’t touch nobody. She wanted to take a picture and I didn’t want to take a picture.”

This incident comes at a bad time for the Ohio boxer as he is set to fight in just a couple of months time. After overcoming a torrid year in 2017.

It appeared that he had the motivation and love back for his boxing early in the year but just before this brush with the law this week – Broner also sent a worrying number of Instagram posts earlier this week.

Shawn Porter perhaps said it best recently when he said that if Broner was able to resolve all his outside the ring issues that he’d expect him to win world titles again.

The question is though, can Broner resolve these issues at this stage?

Time will only tell.

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