Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya have never gotten along and now Mayweather’s uncle Jeff Mayweather has weighed in on their beef.

Mayweather’s uncle feels the jibes that come from De La Hoya stem from jealousy of Mayweather who has made more money in his career than De La Hoya, among other things – according to Jeff.

The two boxers did not get along when they were active fighters but the problem seems to have continued long after that, with the two now being promoters.

Jeff Mayweather opened up on the whole issue and labelled De La Hoya a drunk and a cross dresser (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube):

Some pretty strong words there.

Over the coming years you’d expect both guys to come into contact with one another as they continue their ventures in the promotional world.

As for the above, Jeff Mayweather seems to be coming out more and more in the media with controversial remarks after in the past usually been known as the quieter brother of Mayweather’s uncles.

Jeff operates the Mayweather YouTube channel where often interesting takes from the Mayweather gym are given on current events in the sport of boxing.

As for Floyd, he doesn’t appear on the channel much but is frequently the subject of much of the channel’s content.

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