Eubank Asks George Groves: Why Are You So Slow?

They say speed kills in boxing and this Saturday night Chris Eubank Jr believes it is a big advantage he has over WBA super-middleweight champion George Groves.

The flip side to that coin of course is timing beats speed and when Groves’ timing is on, he can counter punch with the best of them.

Many feel Eubank’s speed and superior stamina will be enough to get to Groves however.

At the final press conference between the two Eubank Jr turned to Groves at one point and asked him the following:

“Do you work on speed for every fight? Why are you so slow then? I don’t see any speed in your technique so I guess you need to switch up your training methods because that speed is just not there man.”

If Eubank is the faster of the two fighters then Groves perhaps might carry the slightly bigger punch being the natural 168lbs fighter of the two.

A lot will no doubt come down to how both men execute their respective game plans but judging by both of their training footage, conditioning should not be a problem with both looking in tip-top shape.