Tyson Fury Reacts To Tabloid Claims That He’s Broke

The former heavyweight champion of the world was quoted in a UK tabloid as saying he is on the dole and currently receiving benefits because he gave away all his fight earnings to his promotional team and to charity.

It always seemed a bit far-fetched in terms of being a credible story.

But when large media houses in the UK printed quotes alleging that Fury said this himself, many were convinced.

In response to the tabloid claims Fury has now taken to social media to give three responses to the story:

Clearly, he’s not on the dole or in receipt of state benefits.

Fury is training at the moment ahead of his comeback fight later this year where the likes of Mike Tyson have recently said he is very much looking forward to.

The big question still surrounds when he’ll be back though, and against who.

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