Hatton Aiming To Be Different With His Son Compared To Eubank and Benn

Ricky Hatton’s son Campbell is starting to make waves in the amateurs with a number of impressive displays recently and the inevitable comparisons with him and his famed fighting father have come.

He boxes at the same weight as his dad did in his prime, 140lbs. Super-lightweight.

Ricky Hatton has largely stayed behind the scenes thus far.

Letting his son make his own mistakes and do his own thing while watching simply as a proud father and spectator.

Not as a coach or anything else.

This is a bit different from how Chris Eubank senior and his professional fighting son junior operate.

The two are always in one another’s company for the most part.

Hatton told the Daily Mail he doesn’t want to do that:

I won’t be doing the same with Campbell as Eubank with his lad.”

He added:

“It’s hard enough for any young fighter without being joined at the hip with his Dad. The same goes for Conor Benn. It’s a hard enough job without that.”

You can kind of see where both are coming from really.

Both Hatton and Eubank reached the very top of the sport and know intimately how much pain and sacrifice is needed along the way.

Perhaps there is no one size fits all in this situation.

One well-known example of a close working relationship between father and son that worked brilliantly was Joe Calzaghe and his father Enzo.

Here is some footage of young Campbell Hatton in action: