The ongoing feud between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor continues to rage on months after the pair shared a boxing ring in Sin City.

Mayweather won the fight as expected inside the distance after some early success from McGregor, whom many in the boxing business felt was carried by Mayweather early on.

Despite the definitive outcome of the contest both men have continued to reference one another in the media in an attempt to build up another fight.

This time in the MMA world under UFC rules.

Mayweather trolled McGregor once again today with:

Its got quite a few people talking as you can imagine.

Now McGregor has had an opportunity to counter with his own edit – with one simple sentence:

The two men constantly are linking themselves with one another to build up something at least.

Or perhaps are just cynically keeping each other in the media with the two massive social media presences both have.

It would not be that far of a stretch to think that the two men sat down behind the scenes and realised they both have by far the largest global online presences in combat sports and thought themselves – why don’t we help promote one another’s brands online.