New Footage Shows David Haye Destroying The Pads With Ismael Salas

For anyone that thought Haye might be winding down in his career and looking at his upcoming rematch with Tony Bellew as just a pay-day, they might have to think again.

Behind all the social media and cool guy persona pushing from Haye, he’s a proud fighter behind it all.

Fighting is what he loves to do and he’ll be angry with himself for losing to Tony Bellew last time out.

Since then, he’s been training hard with a new coach called Ismael Salas.

Well-known in the boxing business as one of the best technical trainers in the game.

One of his other students Jorge Linares evidence of that.

Now he’s working with Haye and is trying to polish Haye’s powerful fists in a more refined manner but as this clip shows – the trademark Hayemaker from the London boxer is not going anywhere:

They are obviously not going to try to change Haye’s fighting style at this advanced stage of his career, but if they can keep him injury free up until May 5th’s rematch with Tony Bellew – fans will be happy with just that.

The bout will take place at the O2 Arena on the same night (later that evening) as the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez rematch.

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